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Over 20 years experience of offering tailor-made shipping & freight forwarding solutions, using multiple methods.

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3Deliva Logistics provides a range of shipping agency services includingsame day delivery, express shipping and international courier services. Call or email our friendly & experienced team today for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What types of service does 3Deliva offer?

3Deliva offers a number of transport services to customers around the world. Please refer to our Services page for more information.

How do I book a collection? Do I need to register first?

For individual collections, you can book online with no registration required. For more frequent shipping, other shipping tools- such as registering for my3Deliva- maybe more suitable. Contact us if you need assistance choosing the right solution for your business.

Where can I find prices for your services?

Quotes can be obtained through our online booking tool. Or contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

How long will it take to deliver my shipment to another country once it has been collected?
This depends on the service requested and the pick-up and delivery locations. Please check our transit times for further details.
What if I don't know the destination postcode?

If you don’t know the destination postcode, please check with the receiver or contact us. Incorrect postcodes can cause transit delays and may incur unnecessary charges.

How do I change or cancel a booking request?

To change or cancel your booking, please contact us.


Quote says my postcode is invalid. How do I Book?
3Deliva’s online tools verify the postcode against the address entered. Please verify the postcode. If you are sure it is correct, you can input the required postcode manually. Please ensure all mandatory fields are completed accurately. Incorrect details may cause transit delays.
Which destinations does 3Deliva ship to?
Our Transit Times provides information on all the destinations we can ship to from your location. When you book online or use our shipping tools, we will verify whether we can ship to the required destination.
From which countries/territories can I import a shipment

Each country listed in our Transit Times table can export and import shipments. Contact us for additional information, if required. The Express Import option in my3Deliva may be useful if you import shipments frequently.

Does 3Deliva deliver to PO boxes?
No. we’re unable to deliver to PO boxes. A full street address is required.
Why do I need to provide the weight and dimensions of my parcel?
Exact weight and dimensions are necessary to ensure speed of delivery. If this information is not accurate, your parcel may be delayed in transit, the difference in cost will be requested and a possible additional service fee applied before the parcel’s journey can continue. View our guide to calculating volumetric weight.

Before you ship

How do I prepare an international shipment?

Please refer to the Global compliance section for more details on how to handle customs and find out more about export control. You can also visit the Learn how to pack section for tips about how to pack your goods in the most efficient way.

What packaging should I use for my parcel?
We have a full range of 3Deliva branded packing materials available for purchase – from self-sealing plastic satchels to carton boxes and bottle packaging. See How to Pack for packaging options and tips. (Note: 3Deliva accepts no liability for the packaging advice it provides. The customer remains responsible for ensuring packaging is adequate for transportation).
What documents are needed to accompany my shipment?
All 3Deliva shipments must be accompanied by a consignment note and package labels. All shipments that travel outside the European Union must also be accompanied by a commercial invoice. Both documents can be generated automatically when you book online or are using our shipping tools.
What is a consignment note?

A consignment note (also known as a bill of lading or airwaybill) is the central document accompanying your 3Deliva shipment. It provides all necessary information to ensure fast and professional handling of your shipment, such as origin and destination address, account number and other important data. A consignment note will be generated automatically when you book online or are using our shipping tools.

What is a commercial invoice?
Shipments that travel outside the European Union must be accompanied by a commercial invoice. Some items are considered documents and may not require a commercial invoice.
I don't have a printer. Can I still use the 3Deliva service?
Yes. If you do not have a printer, please contact us to request that the driver brings a consignment note. However, you will still need to provide a commercial invoice for any non-EU destinations.
Will my parcel be opened for inspection by 3Deliva?
3Deliva operates an ‘unknown shipper policy’ for first-time customers. If you are shipping with 3Deliva for the first time, your parcel needs to be left open for inspection by our driver to ensure the content is acceptable for transport through the 3Deliva network. All parcels may be subject to security screening. This may include the use of x-ray, explosive trace detection and other security screening methods. Please note that any shipment may be opened by government agencies (such as customs, border security, or police) while in the care of 3Deliva. 3Deliva has no control over these requests.

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Forget shipping lines and expensive courier services. With our personalized, door-to-door pickup and delivery service, 3Deliva is the easiest and cheapest way to get your stuff where it’s going.

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How can I re-arrange a collection of my shipment?

If your shipment has not been collected, please contact us.

Technical requirements for using 3Deliva website

We aim to make the use of our website as easy as possible. You may require Adobe® Reader® to view some of our downloads such as the 3Deliva User Guide.


Is my consignment covered?

Our standard liability for any loss, damage are outlined within our Terms and Conditions. Additional cover can also be purchased. Simply select the enhanced liability option when booking online or let customer service know when arranging your shipment booking.