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Welcome to Global Freight Services with an experienced team and an extensive worldwide network to ensure your freight arrives or leaves as scheduled. We’ve been providing import and export services for businesses for almost 5 years. The experience of our team and the strength of our national and international networks, coupled with our personal approach, means we understand what you need.

When your business relies on the smooth and stress-free importing and/or exporting of merchandise at an international level, you want the confidence that comes with using global freight forwarders who are up to the task. After all, time is money – so when delays occur in the receiving or shipping of merchandise, it means less money coming into your business.


Shipping Services

On-demand Delivery
On Demand Delivery service, you can choose how, when and where we deliver your shipment.
Same-day/Next-day Delivery
Next-day and same-day delivery are now highly sought-after services by consumers who want their packages shipped instantly.
Time-defined/Slot-based Delivery
A time slot management system allows customers to choose delivery timings based on their availability and convenience.
Returns Management
The supply chain management team is responsible for collecting, sorting, organizing, and restocking inventory

Special Package Services

Product Replacement Services
Express Replacement Service is a benefit of your 3Deliva delivery coverage. We can send you a replacement product before you return your product to us.
Large/Oversize Order Delivery
Size and Weight Restrictions for Oversize Parcels Large Courier Items Requiring Specialist Packaging Collection & Delivery Prices, Surcharges and Upgrades
High-value Product Delivery
High Value Goods Courier Service provider with a reputation for safely and reliably delivering valuable and sensitive products.
Dangerous Goods Delivery
When shipping hazardous materials, you need to have a strong understanding of detailed and complex regulations.

Technology Services

Real-time Monitoring and Control
Ultimately intelligent control operations formulated based on in-situ monitoring results, and strategically applied at the per-layer or real-time rate.
Consignee Address Validation
Address Validation is provided to assist you in obtaining a valid address. It is still the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that the address information provided is correct!
Fraud Detection
Fraud detection activities are undertaken to prevent money or property from being obtained through false pretenses.
Flexible Payment on Delivery
Flexible payment options for the customer: As a customer, one of the most significant benefits of COD is that you can pay only after you get the product in hand. In that way, there is no risk of loss of money.
We operate an express parcel transportation network with fully integrated and self-owned pickup, mid-mile, and delivery operations. Our in-house transport management platform enables our customers to schedule pickups, track orders in real-time, manage returns and replacements with ease. We offer flexibility to clients through delivery time choices and flexible payment options.
We operate over 85 fulfillment centers across India, with over 6 million sq ft of storage and processing space. Our proprietary warehouse management system is integrated with all the major demand channels and courier partners. It is designed to enable efficient multi-tenant, multi-location warehousing – allowing clients to quickly and flexibly scale operations across India with zero fixed costs. We also offer integrated distribution solutions to enterprises by combining our warehousing and freight solutions. This facilitates fast and cost-efficient offline distribution.
3Deliva courier provides partial-truckload as well as full-truckload services to meet the customers’ freight requirements. Our services are designed to meet regular as well as seasonal requirements across the country. Customers’ freight requirements are serviced at the lowest costs – with a combination of our own fleet and our network of pan-India professional truckload partners. All of this is done through Optimus and Orion – simple freight booking and management interfaces of our PTL and FTL freight exchanges.
We enable our clients to buy and sell inventory from and to the markets across the world through Starfleet – our global alliance of leading logistics companies and a network of dedicated clearance agents and forwarders. We offer multiple transport solutions for sea and air cargo, express fulfillment, consolidation centers, and free trade warehousing infrastructures.

Sea Freight

3Deliva Courier offers sea freight quotations that imitate each client’s needs. We explore leading shipping companies that offer economical and quality services.
We are known for their reliability in handling both FCL and LCL cargo.
With our vast experience, we operate speedy and professional services.
Shipment of small-sized LCL cargo to oversized cargo, you will feel pride by taking logistics solutions & services through space ships.

Air Freight

3Deliva courier Logistics offers efficient and flexible service to clients by working with major air transportation companies around the world.
In addition to fast reliable service, we strive to provide a tailored solutions which depends on the cargo specifications and the needs of our customers.
Our Airfreight division is a dedicated professional with a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the industry. Through our vast transportation network, any location in the world is accessible.
We offer Pick-up and Door to Door Delivery Services that ensure your cargo arrives safely and efficiently. Our service is customized depending on our customer’s specific needs. We offer competitive rates and find solutions to reduce your cost.


Our network of overseas agents share extensive storage and warehousing facilities ensures that we are able to accommodate.
Our customer shipments in their cold storage or general warehouses whatever needed according to product requirement.

Custom Clearance

Our intention is to see things from a legal perspective and to offer solutions that maximize customer satisfaction.
First, we understand our customer’s needs then communicate with our global partners to offer the best possible service in respect of custom clearance, duties & taxes to import/export in any region.

Cross Trade Shipments

You can buy any product from any part of the world and sell it to your customer in any region; contact “space ships” and you will get cross-trade logistics solutions and make it possible to expand your business and your existence in the global market.
To fulfill “within-time delivery commitments”, sometimes we design multimodal solutions and use more than one means of transportation from origin to destination.

Plan Your Delivery With Us

Get Access to Multiple Courier Partners with flexible delivery options to fit your needs. We really believe in the importance of keeping your courier options and prices low. Select Carrier and Ship Efficiently in the Time of Corona Virus